Ecad Plus Windows

Ecad Plus Windows 1.8

Designed for the development of electromechanical schematic drawings
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eCADPlus is a CAD software package designed for the development of electromechanical schematic drawings.
eCADPlus is an integrated package: it can be used to draw electromechanical schematics, to develop new symbols or to modify existing ones, and to produce all the design documentation including: Part list, Cable list and Connection list. eCADPlus can handle multi-sheet projects where every sheet may have different sizes and styles.
Powerful commands make the drawing phase easier: these include automatic connection between components (autorouter), automatic component alignment, block copy and block move with drag of connections, automatic wire numbering, automatic compilation of the cross reference table between coils and contacts. The format of the design documentation can be customized according to the user's needs, using a format description language: EFORM.The drawings can be rotated or scaled before output on printer or plotter.

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